Allison Bryant
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Author. Artist. Wife. Mother. Debut novel, ‘SOULSTONE’, coming October 2022.
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Can we have a lil imagination? Can we have a lil magicak? Can we have a lil humanity around here? I tired more than once to tell you, to communicate what I know. You did not or could not listen. You can not show to anyone what she has not seen. It's time to pull the cosmic trigger... Support ETH: 0x5d3b2efca4b2284870053eef2f3309599bb132b7

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Born in California and love the weather and scenery but not the political climate. I'm too old to leave and I prefer earthquakes to hurricanes and tornadoes. Like to blog, read, take nature photo walks, and sell books.

Hello, everyone! I'm @WriterWrong and I'm a novice writer from California. I write purely as a hobby and created this Minds account to have a platform to write on. For now, it is my intention to use this account to post small writing projects that I find throughout the internet and highlight other writers and artists I find. One day, if I aquire the tokens, I'd like to help build a greater writer community here on Minds! So please explore and enjoy. Please feel free to comment. I'm open to any kind of feedback. Thank you and God Bless

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Crazy chicken lady, permaculture gardener, part time artist, full time free thinker, positivity enthusiast.

Jelly Cube
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Twitter refugee, Christian, lolbertarian, new dad, gamer (when I have the time), English tutor, copy editor, and writer wannabe (wannabe writers wanna write har har). That should about cover it.

Dystopian Author. Ghost Writer. Editor. Entrepreneur. Founder of CBase. Postgrad in the making. Over achiever. P/T realist. F/T smartarse. Allergic to sleep. I'm proudly the only Australian author to have been shortlisted for the New York Lulu Awards for a short story contribution to the Anthology. My first book in the J Rae series documents a different Isis with an ideology, RFID chips, drones in a totalitarian world created by capitalism and tyranny. Written in 2012 but conceived in the early 90s before ISIS and the war on terror existed, when bio-tech amalgamation was just a nightmare, and the term Normies was simply imagined, the J Rae books document a dystopian society that's truly avoidable but well on the way and arguably perhaps already here.

I write, talk about writing, and post stupid quotes and sayings I've thought up since high school. Visit for more!

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I’m absolutely awkward, a proud nerd and geek, college student, (sometimes)miniature painter, cake decorator, sometimes gamer. I believe in magic and I’m a crazy cat lady.

Dreams full of dragons, and hostile alien worlds. I imagine I'll one day combine the two into something completely mad. Viva space dragons. Artists before ideologues, always and forever. My books are on Amazon, check them out below: The Four Guardians series: #1 Out Of The Ashes #2 The Burning Plains #3 In The Serpent’s Lair The Sci-Fi Novels: Red Saints The Eye Of The Universe

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FIN Artist at night.

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Feb 2021
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