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Welcome to Rabbit's channel! Vietnamese Food is Everything!!! Not only posting nice pictures about traditional food, I will soon create blogs for sharing Vietnamese cuisine recipes! Please be patienttttt :D Many thanks for your support!

Hello. You can call me Angel. I love art, so I decided to draw. My daughter is the one who I started drawing for. I've never gone to school for it. I touhght myself how to draw at the end of 2015. I have many drawings and I am always drawing new pieces. I bought a digital drawing pad at the beginning of 2018 so I have gone from paper and pencil, to amazing color and much better precision drawing. plus, this version saves me money in the end. All of my art is for sale, $40 per done drawing or $60 for any special request.I will also take on large projects. I have illustrated a children's book that got published for Christmas 2017, available upon request. Subscribe for a token a month and receive access to my chat where i talk about my art, share "in progress" images and even get ideas for new projects!

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I'm an anthropomorphic character artist, incorporating various fantasy and sci-fi themes into my trade! Some tags/IPs you might find similar to my work: #redwall #mistmantle #catshitone #mouseguard #beyondthewesterndeep #chroniclesofnarnia

May 2019
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