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Microbiologist and writer. Individualism and originality.

Psychedelic skateboarding techno-wizard artist of sorts from London, Ontario Canada. Specializing in Film, Photography, Web Design, Animation and Experimental Artwork. Facebook: Instagram: Youtube: Check out my online stores! Redbubble: Society6: Thanks for checking out my page! :) #art #artwork #arte #mandala #psychedelic #artist #skateboard #skateboarding #music #animation #weird #nerd #cat #love #space #design #adobe #illustrator #photoshop #photography

I am French I live just near the West coast of the Atlantic Ocean and I am crazy about photography and I want to share my passion with you you will discove the best photography you ever seen in your life! you can believe me. Send to me some points or money to continious to enjoy yourself, i will do the same for your best sharing! Merci ready to give 200 points to the new subcriber who share something!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrator. All artwork on this page was created by me.

My son is my life,all art drawings digital art videos are made by me, self taught surrealism 🐙 😊👁🖌⚽ In My surrealism journey 🎨 🚂 👋🏻 thankz for visiting me in my head👋🏼😉🙌🏽

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Teacher, writer, photographer, oneironaut, and amateur ukuleleist.

I have been creative all my life and painted acrylic and oil paint earlier on canvas and was happy with Corel Painter when it came to the PC. Google Tilt Brush has come to V.R. headset that you can get for reasonable payment today and which can be used for reasonably ordinary PC today. It's fun to be creative and it has become part of my personality, being curious about what to get out of a "journey of discovery".

Jul 2017
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