Fantasy and SciFi Author. Epileptic. Books & Comics in the works. Talking about entertainment. Never PC. Hate CGI but love CG.

I like comics, video games, & music. Most posts (including most reminds) will probably be deleted after a while to keep page from being a total mess.. #comicsgate

Glyn in Monster Land & Campbell's Crossing. A busy dad bringing pure escapism to all readers young and old.

Dean James, Australian comic artist, Co Creator of the embrace, cohost of ComicsMATE LIVE!

Hello, everyone! My name is Kyle Ritter. I'm deaf. I'm a comic book writer/artist/inker/colorist and I know that I suck at writing a bio about myself. So cheers!

Artifice Re-Animate On IndieGoGo! Sign Up HERE: @COREComics Production Manager Writer | Self-Aware Pseudonym

My name is Julie Tyler. I am a storyteller, book coach, academic-turned-entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, reader, dancer, and content creator. I am here to empower writers to tell their stories, celebrate the world's finest creators, engage in civil discussions of events around the world, and participate in a new social media movement. I am honored to lift up my voice and offer the world my gifts.

Jan 2021
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