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What are Social Medias Do’s and Don't of Dating?

AlexRamirezJun 15, 2019, 9:19:12 AM

In the traditional setting, dating was quite challenging from the fact that you actually had to go out and look out for a dating partner at social places. At times, individuals would get lucky to get suitors while at other times it became hard due to fear and the lack of self-confidence. However, in the modern day setting, dating has been simplified by social media. Individuals can easily log on to numerous websites where they can get dating partners of their preferences. Some sites will even narrow to specific niches which ensures that you get exactly what you are looking for in a person. Besides, with many people being on social platforms, it becomes easier to connect and date. While social media seems to have a huge impact on dating, here are some of the do’s and don’ts of social media dating. 

• Checking Them Online- It is absolutely fine to check out your potential dating partner’s social media profiles. This is done to ensure that they are not offensive individuals and that they are who you pictured them to be. Some people will tend to hate dating partners that do not relate well with friends online or even those that overshare vulgar content. However, do not become a private investigator. Digging too deep into their social media lives could lead to you being termed as a stalker which is not ideal. For instance, do not go out checking relatives or other friends’ accounts before they are introduced to you.

• Disconnecting from Technology- You may have gotten your date from the club, church, school or even online. When you decide to meet up for dinner or even drinks, you are advised to put your phone in silent mode. Your social media notifications should also be in a silent mode. Do not text unless if it is an emergency case. If your dating partner is not interesting enough for you to hold a conversation without your smartphone in hand, stop wasting time and end the date.

• Texting and Ghosting- The most preferred method of communicating by those dating is texting. Be prepared to get texts frequently from your social media date and less of calls. Texting is less formal, relaxed and simple. However, do not at any one time try to ghost on a dating partner. Ghosting involves changing one’s texting numbers or even social media accounts. It is disrespectful and can lead to breakups.

• Discussion About Privacy- Many people will not be comfortable about sharing everything on social media. As such, take time and have a discussion about the privacy of each before you start dating. Do not take the pictures of your partner and post them or tag them in every platform. They will not be impressed.

The above four points indicate what you should do and what you should not do in relation to social media and dating.