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Extremely Liberal traveled Asia since 1979 from Brooklyn NYC Retired Marines married to Filipina. Extremely ATHEIST! People of Color for China.
Prefer to reside in the metaphysical realm, learning how to reality transurf and co-create with fellow like minded individuals... 💜🌞🧘
Just here to say stupid crap. I've lived all over the West, now in the mid-west. I'm kinda a geek, work in IT and play with radio comms. I follow Yeshua the way taught by Paul. If it's mainstream, I'm not involved. I tend to take a metered approach to most things. I certainly don't like the way things are headed, but when you filter the world through the biblical text you see how things are simply unfolding as prophesized.
A Mathematician work on numerical theory
Tự do cho chính mình!
Crypto Enthusiast, Student Engineer, a Lover of Sports...
Simple and straightforward... #crypto
The number one Daily Facts source on minds (thefactsite)! #life #facts #quotes #freedom #freespeach #minds #mindsplus
Welcome to my channel. Subscribe, comment, upvote, remind, quote and I'll reciprocate. A Geophysicist, MUA, Sole Proprietor.
May 2021
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