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Airic's Membership | FAQ

AiricAug 10, 2021, 5:07:05 AM

Yo! Que lo que familia...welcome. Light one, pour some'n and get cozy. If you're new to my music and the #StayVivid family, here's a quick idea of what I'm about and what to expect if you join my membership:

"Music molds culture, and culture runs the world..."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who's Airic?

I'm a recording artist and Founder of Vivid Reign, I also produce/engineer for other collaborators under my multimedia company, Mazadi Vision.

  • What is "Vivid Reign"?

Vivid Reign (@VividReign) is an independent music label based in West Kendall, Miami, FL. The label currently manages two artists: myself and @Aquilla.

  • How do I support and join the Vivid Reign family?
    By becoming a member here.
  • How many songs and videos will you release a month?

I'm releasing at least 1 song (RNB/Hip-Hop) or instrumental beat (Chillhop/Lofi) per month – every song/beat is 100% produced, written, recorded, mixed & mastered by me...fueled by red wine and Coladas sin azúcar lol

  • Where can I buy your apparel/merch?

Visit the online store here: StayVivid.shop

  • What if I'm not comfortable paying a monthly amount?

No pressure, you can also support by either:

1.) Buying music or merch directly from the website store

2.) Tipping me on Cashapp, Minds, or directly to my wallet with any of my preferred cryptocurrencies (any amount):

  • BTC: bc1qzkxj2w3hwgpdgncckytlwj82f8g3j9zr2q05vr
  • ETH: 0xf90E269Ec0Fbb2AE12091920E4790B57840A084E
  • STX: SPKYBD4DJNCKS2MXPS6P1J91Y7ECZ44SW9Z031NA (airic.btc)

5.) Help spread the word to your friends: join my text clubfollow my socialsstream my music and videos, etc. Word-of-mouth is the most effective promo!

*BONUS: Or please consider making a donation to my favorite non-profit org and reposting your donation on social media to raise awareness: TheMotivationalEdge.org – check them out! The founder (Ian Welsch) is real cool and I admire what he does for the youth of Miami, FL, USA. He's LEGENDARY in my book! – as a passionate Arian Christian, I wish I can do more! I wish I had a bigger platform to truly make a difference in society. So by joining me in donating to this organization you'll be helping me realize this dream of making a positive difference somehow. *Sidenote: I'm not partnered with Motivational Edge, this is just something I want to do. Thanks.

  • Can I stop donating in the future?

Of course, you can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

  • Do memberships include discounts on live shows?

For discounts on live shows and private streams please join my $5/mo Access Pass on Locals here.

  • What if I want to support more than the highest tier?

Niiiiice...if you wana do that, you can choose to send me a tip by clicking the "$" button on my profile banner here, then choose "repeat payment monthly" as a custom recurring tip. And um...sh*t 😳 Thanks!

  • Do I have to pay in US Dollars? 

You can choose to pay in FIAT or Crypto (Minds Tokens) – BTC/ETH are only possible as one-time tip payments.

Was this info helpful? Still have questions?
Text "FAQ" to: +1-305-705-5533 – and I'll help you out.

Thanks for your support...

If you haven't already, don't forget to text me at +1 (305) 705-5533 so I can lock-in your number and we can stay in contact 1-on-1 faster and I can keep you updated on news and drops!

"Remember to #StayVivid and forever you'll reign..."
- Airic


*FAQ info was last updated Dec. 8, 2022


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