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Airic's Membership | FAQ

AiricAug 10, 2021, 5:07:05 AM

Yo! Que lo que familia...welcome. Light one, pour some'n and get cozy. If you're new to my music and the #StayVivid family, here's a quick idea of what I'm about and what to expect if you join my membership:

"Music molds culture, and culture runs the world..."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who's Airic?

I'm a recording artist and Founder of Vivid Reign, I also produce/engineer for other collaborators under my multimedia company, Mazadi Vision.

  • What is "Vivid Reign"?

Vivid Reign (@VividReign) is an independent music label based in West Kendall, Miami, FL. The label currently manages two artists: myself and @Aquilla.

  • How do I support and join the Vivid Reign family?
    By becoming a member here.
  • How many songs and videos will you release a month?

I'm releasing at least 1 song (RNB/Hip-Hop) or instrumental beat (Chillhop/Lofi) per month – every song/beat is 100% produced, written, recorded, mixed & mastered by me...fueled by red wine and Coladas sin azúcar lol

  • Where can I buy your apparel/merch?

Visit the online store here: StayVivid.shop

  • What if I'm not comfortable paying a monthly amount?

No pressure, you can also support by either:

1.) Buying music or merch directly from the website store

2.) Tipping me on Cashapp, Minds, or directly to my wallet with any of my preferred cryptocurrencies (any amount):

  • BTC: bc1qzkxj2w3hwgpdgncckytlwj82f8g3j9zr2q05vr
  • ETH: 0xf90E269Ec0Fbb2AE12091920E4790B57840A084E
  • STX: SPKYBD4DJNCKS2MXPS6P1J91Y7ECZ44SW9Z031NA (airic.btc)
  • USDC: 0xf90E269Ec0Fbb2AE12091920E4790B57840A084E

5.) Help spread the word to your friends: join my text clubfollow my socialsstream my music and videos, etc. Word-of-mouth is the most effective promo!

*BONUS: Or please consider making a donation to my favorite non-profit org and reposting your donation on social media to raise awareness: TheMotivationalEdge.org – check them out! The founder (Ian Welsch) is real cool and I admire what he does for the youth of Miami, FL, USA. He's LEGENDARY in my book! – as a passionate Arian Christian, I wish I can do more! I wish I had a bigger platform to truly make a difference in society. So by joining me in donating to this organization you'll be helping me realize this dream of making a positive difference somehow. *Sidenote: I'm not partnered with Motivational Edge, this is just something I want to do. Thanks.

  • What if I want to support more than the $5 tier?

Niiiiice...if you wana do that, you can choose to send me a tip by clicking the "$" button on my profile banner here, then choose "repeat payment monthly" as a custom recurring tip. And um sheeesh... 😳 Thanks!

  • Do I have to pay in US Dollars? 

You can choose to pay in FIAT or Crypto (Minds Tokens) – BTC/ETH are only possible as one-time tip payments.

  • Can I stop donating in the future?

Of course, you can cancel or adjust your pledge amount for any reason at any time.

Was this info helpful? Still have questions?
Text "FAQ" to: +1-305-705-5533 – and I'll help you out.

Thanks for your support...

If you haven't already, don't forget to text me at +1 (305) 705-5533 so I can lock-in your number and we can stay in contact 1-on-1 faster and I can keep you updated on news and drops!

"Remember to #StayVivid and forever you'll reign..."
- Airic


*FAQ info was last updated Jan. 7, 2023


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