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We need to abolish corporate rule and restore democracy in the USA. Join us to pass a constitutional amendment to accomplish this goal. The 28th amendment will say 1.corporation is not a person 2. money is not speech visit for more details

Illustration, Animation and Comics for everyone ;)

Hey there, I'm Emma from Florida I love Music and Songs so, I started a Youtube channel If you like it visit my Youtube Channel and enjoy and subscribe for more Music and Songs. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL:

Writer, artist, 3D modeling/sculpting, small business champion, living a passionate, purpose driven life.

Moderate Rebels
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Political podcast and video show hosted by journalists Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton, reporting on the permanent war state ||

Illustrations, crafts and story. As an artist I hope to provide the world with beauty. My work is often inspired by fairytales, myths, nature and biblical stories. I hope my art is able the illuminate a world of beauty, grace and romance. If you like my art please consider to tip me a token. In the future I’d like to enable rewards on minds if people are interested. My first goal is to share my inktober sketches on minds.

Oct 2020
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