Married to Sam. Cajun I have a low kinda little boys raspy southern accent voice. I get lots of complaints or they just being nice. I also speak Cajun French. I live on an Island in the swamps of Louisiana. I’m a Momma to 2 grown kids. I’m a MaMa to 2 small babies, my Daughter’s babies. My hobbies is reading about true crimes, horror, mysterious happenings and Cooking. Love cooking Cajun & Asian foods the most.

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Proud American #patriot; #WalkAway from #Dems 1998; registered Independent; "émigré" from People's Republic of Massachusetts; #prolife #Catholic #NotreDameCathedralLivesOn; #conservative #MAGA #KAG #AmericaFirst #SaveAmerica; #BCAlumni #ForBC #AlwaysAnEagle Suspended from Twitter for truth-telling (Badge of Honor); Parler: SeacoastEagle2; Gab: SeacoastEagle3; New Hampshire Seacoast Region

Subscibe for daily traveling content. Welcome to my world.

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