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Tips to implement CRM

Aglowid It SolutionsAug 9, 2019, 10:50:06 AM

Customer relationship management(CRM) is a way to deal with an organization's association with present and potential clients. It utilizes data analysis about clients' history with an organization to improve business relationships with clients. Some of the best CRM software or products are Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and SAP.

It is one of the critical factors for increasing the growth of the software industry. According to Merkle Group, 63% of the CRM projects consequently fail due to adoption issues.

What frustrates teams about CRM software?

• Time Consuming; It requires manual insertion of the lead details.

• Not helpful for the sales team in analyzing the behavior of customers for making data-driven decisions.

• Collaboration and reporting features are generally basic and take too much time, and the reason is that CRM systems are frequently created for the sales managers and, not for the sales teams.

Tips for implementing CRM in the best way possible

Determining the use of CRM for your company

It is necessary to set goals before implementing a CRM. Ask yourself and your team

• What will I achieve with this CRM?

• What features in CRM do I need?

• What problems will be solved by CRM?

• Why do you need CRM?

By mentioning your goals, you will have settled metrics for calculating your progress. That's why it is necessary to analyze the needs of your company clearly before carrying out a CRM.

Providing abundant training

For accomplishing great results with a CRM, all of your employees need to be synchronized.

The training of the employees could be

• role-based to enable representatives to adequately understand what they have to do about their activity work;

• Fixed plan/bespoke preparing;

• a mixture of authority guidelines and personal involvement;

• continuous and provided in little portions to expand the retention.

A great project manager with excellent internal communication is the best way to success.

Establish AI into the action

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence can boost your CRM to a much high level. Some of the features, such as email marketing, social media monitoring and, calendar management, are necessary for a powerful CRM. Forms of AI like predictive analysis, Machine learning can perform things like:

• Analyze and processing a large amount of client's data in real-time.

• Maintaining correct insights on the clients.

• Prioritize and set up your leads that are possible to turn into opportunities and deals;

• Send emails to your clients

To make your CRM helpful, automate as many tasks as possible. Your sales team would prefer to focus on encouraging relationships with clients and search for new ones instead of doing routine yet complicated tasks.

Collect feedback

Make sure your clients leave suggestions & feedback for future improvements in the CRM. You ought to be prepared to keep advancing to meet the constantly changing needs of your business for making a successful CRM implementation.

Some measures to gather the feedback of the customer about your CRM system:

• adopt a mixture of short surveys on your website

• approach your client support specialists for the most ordinarily posed inquiries and most usually specific issues.

• You can take advantage of usability testing if you're developing your CRM system from scratch.

Conduct Internal marketing

Implementation of some CRM steps is underestimated while carrying out CRM software you should share your goals and plans with your employees. Your colleagues should know the reason behind significant changes made to the business process.

Remember, while executing a CRM, you and your employees should have a clear understanding of your new system in your business process. It would be best if you also discussed with your employees why there is a need for a new system and what can results can we achieve with that. When your employees have a full view of what's happening, they will lead your work more efficiently. You can write a fresh article, give out launch t-shirts, or throw a launch party for marking the date and building enthusiasm.


It is also essential to know what steps should be taken next to implement the process smoothly, and not only to adopt modern technologies. I hope the above steps help create a successful CRM Solution. If you're in any doubt, you can get in touch with us, and we'll clarify your business problems with the adoption of modern technologies.