A Dead Desire

“When your soul is broken, lonely & tired, go to the medicine, return to the fire. I observed my life and how it transpired, I found my process through A Dead Desire.” – Moroni Silva __________________________________________________________ My song “In My Mind,” hit #8 on the Top 20 on the BBC Radio __________________________________________________________ Highlights Known for performing at the world famous Whisky A Go Go, opening the Rock Radio Awards & Convention and working with Legendary Producer Sylvia Massy. A Dead Desire has begun to make a name in the music industry from Logan, Utah as an Independent Artist. Performing in countless clubs, bars and venues large and small in various parts of the United States. Including a headlining performance at ‘In The Venue’ in Salt Lake City, Utah. Performing at Whisky A Go Go has been one of many highlights for the upcoming project. The Hollywood Venue is known for hosting performances of well known acts such as The Doors, Van Halen, System of a Down & Linkin Park to name a few...
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