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#MAGA #KAG Pro-life, Pro-Trump, Pro-1A, Pro-2A, Pro-Israel, Vegetarian Conservative, capital punishment for illegal aliens, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Censorship

Insane 2A Wildman

Helping naturally-minded people heal digestive and autoimmune issues without medications, and 10x faster.

Hello, I am Chuckzom, and I am here. If you would like to help support the channel you can also donate via Paypal at the link below, Thanks!

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I love ghosts UFOS the strange and the Paranormal (including politics) If you sub to me?. I will sub to you. Up vote my post? I will Up vote one of yours! Remind my post? I will remind one of yours! Like for like my friends. Xin chào! Tên tôi là Bram Michaelson. Tôi là một kỹ sư. Tôi sống ở Việt Nam ở Hà Nội khoảng 1,5 năm. Tôi yêu Việt Nam! Welcome!

Youtube censorship is why I come here. Bunch of rich liberals in San Fransisco should not be allowed to dictate what a honest working man can say.

I do a few things

I stand with Israel Free Speech Messianic Believer Texas Conservative Sci Fi Dallas Cowboys Trump Anti Socialism Truth Yeshua is LORD

Nutritional Consulting [email protected] Ethereum 0xeb5717fDea6694cA228b005EE6c7942eC8520D1c

“Let them take arms. . . . The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” -Thomas Jefferson

Ancient gray haired naked rebel and activist always looking to better the Human condition. Dreaming about what could be. Lifting the veil on the imposed illusion. Only a few will survive the depopulation wars fought by the (self proclaimed) 'Chosen Ones'. Only a few will survive the mindfuck. Maybe some of the stuff I write or share will be of some value (to you). I share it out of love knowing Mankind deserves so much better.

Sep 2019
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