***Keep your comments respectful!*** Photographer and artist of many different genres and styles. Including but not limited to glam, cosplay, horror, goth, fantasy, and more. Just a independent artist trying to make his dreams come true. ***Wires are greatly appreciated ***If you're interested in any of my art prints please direct message me for details. ***If you'd like to support my work further you can check out my other social media Instagram- AC_photo13 Facebook page- ***You can also find some products that I have for sale on my Redbubble account
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Bespoke Sci-Fi Sculptures, Music and Stories
I make political, cultural, and gaming videos. I shit post, rant, and argue on twitter follow me there for video uploads and tons of fun!
This is a fan account created so that people who are fans of The Daily Wire don't have to the The Daily Wire on Facebook and/or YouTube. Sunday Special:
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Hi there, I'm Donut. Former police and SWAT officer, Twitch streamer, and PC gamer.
Professional photographer combining art beauty photography with modern post-processing techniques Photographic distinctions: AFIAP/cMOL**/GPU Vip1/GPU Crown 1 Sony awards Lithuania winner 2019
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Photographer & Travel Enthusiast All landscape photography images are images I've photographed myself. Any images not taken by me, I will credit the photographer. All memes are shamelessly taken from rando posts I come across... :D
Illinois, United States, Illinois, United States
Aug 2019
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