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The Newest “Waste to Energy” Solution: Roberto Hroval from PatentReal Corporation Introduces Product Reincarnation Technology™

Abraham357Jan 25, 2019, 10:10:51 AM

Being a human by its billions is very wasteful to the planet. Individually we continue to dump trash on designated piles, where it eventually ends up at seas. Must we really completely change our ways of life, change our practices? To some extent for sure, but what our society continues to lack is the management of existing waste.

The best solution would be to treat waste as a modern raw source for more caring future. There are many measures out there trying to reduce carbon footprint, but there is still too much waste untreated to even consider the first few successful steps toward zero-waste society.

Some say that a game changer is a fact, but this time it is personalized under name of Roberto Hroval, founder of PatentReal Corporation and a serial entrepreneur from Europe. He’s most revered brainchild is finally ready, Product Reincarnation Technology™ or PRT: “After eight years of testing and perfecting, we are ready to go public.” This “Innovative technology transforms worn out products into fuel or electricity… or even into brand new original products,” stated Roberto Hroval.

Referred to as ”European Elon Musk” by even some prominent newspapers like Chicago Tribune and Le Monde, Hroval explained that PRT is the new way to harvests energy from discarded products in a closed-loop system that is fully green with whooping utilization rate above 85%.

This innovative solution can really become a new industry, creating jobs and assuring sustainable economic development needed today. Hroval believes he has found a solution for lowering exploitation of Earth and using discarded products as a new raw source of future.

Game changer for the environment?

Prof. Zvonimir Steiner dr. sc. from J.J. Strossmayer University, is one of the scientists who confirmed the claims about PRT technology. He said that the system enables the reactor for high-efficiency use of 98% and 0% emissions. “Produced gas from the recycling process is 100% returned into the production process,« he added.

In favor of PRT is also Josef Kluy, a Head of International Business Development in billion-dollar German giant BluechemGroup’s: “Congratulations for your remarkable development of the clean and sustainable energy. (PRT) is an ingenious invention… a breakthrough that puts all previously known in the shade.”

More and more municipalities recognize the need for sustainable high-efficiency energy sources. The PRT technology has already found proving ground in Abu Dhabi by globally known and highly respected businessman Abdulla Al Nowais, CEO Al Nowais Group: “We look forward to exploring the opportunities for this technology in Abu Dhabi. Any process that takes a serious environmental problem and converts it into an economic benefit deserves our fullest attention

“Today’s techniques allow us to transform waste into something valuable,” said Hroval, “With our unique technology, worn out products are turned into high-demand products, like electricity or clean diesel oil for highest demanding EURO6 engines. In addition, PatentReal Corporation will be the only company in the world offering this innovative technology.” Can you feel the change in the game?

PRT allows us to continue our ways of life with only an efficient tap into ways we treat our waste, giving it immense value, along with economic and social security. Reducing use of plastic bags, cleaning the oceans, that is all needed and must be done, but nothing to this day has even considered our collective waste to become fuel for brighter future in a successful way.

For more data about this remarkable technology visit www.patentrealcorporation.com and www.robertohroval.com