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Three Most Popular Vikings Symbols

aboutvikingsymbolsOct 9, 2018, 2:41:40 PM

If you are into the history of various European countries and their cultures, you must have come across the Vikings. There's so much we can learn about them, including the complex Vikings alphabet that kept evolving. You could also wonder about the drinking horns; one of which contained all the seas and from which Thor drank a significant amount. It is clear you cannot exhaust the mystery surrounding the Vikings, but this article will explain part of their culture, embodied in their symbols. As in any community, the Viking symbols had significant meaning and represented some of their beliefs. Outlined below are a few of the famous Viking symbols.

You may have watched Thor and his hammer but did you know what it represents? Thor's hammer, or rather in Viking language, Mjolnir, stands for lightning. It was, therefore, an indication of the power the god had over lightning and thunder. It was to the pagan Vikings very popular, and even when introduced to Christianity, they still wore it around their necks for protection. The hammer was magical and when thrown, always found its way back to Thor's hand. Moreover, its power was so strong that it could level mountains. Learn more about nordic runes or check out this viking horn.

The Valknut is another symbol which represented the afterlife. It has several names such as Odin's knot, Hrungnir's heart, Heart of Vala, among others. Some carry it as a talisman because they believe it offers protection against spirits. The Valknut depicts the power that the gods have over death. It comprises three triangles, and in magic, three is a universal symbol. The nine corners of the triangles indicate the life cycle through pregnancy and motherhood.

You cannot read about the Viking symbols without coming across the Yggdrasil which is crucial in the Norse faith. They believed that Yggdrasil is the Tree of life which connects the nine realms of the universe. The "Tree of life" notion is because it stands in a spring and as per the Norse faith, water begets life. Further, the tree bears fruits from which the gods eat, giving them life and youth. Moreover, those who pledge allegiance to the Norse faith believe that when the world ends after the gods engage on a battle, only two people will survive. They are a woman and a man who will find shelter in a tree's hollow and will depart from the tree to procreate. The myth does not mention any specific tree, but they believe that Yggdrasil is the one to shield life when Ragnarok strikes. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.ehow.com/how_8540281_make-viking-horn.html.