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The Crew Of Starshatter: Lilly ("We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.")

ZuvielJun 24, 2020, 8:02:10 PM

For awhile I've been trying to write a couple of blogs but for whatever reason, every time I sat down, I just couldn't. So...I started searching for the reason....I found her at the back of my mind. Calmly sitting, sipping carrot whiskey and looking at me. I tried explaining to her, that I have other blogs to write and she just politely smiled, finally I gave up and started writing her blog.

If ever there was anyone close to being a "main" character in the Starshatter series that would be Lilly. I use the term rather loosely because as you should already know, every last one of Aragmar's characters get their time to shine. No, what makes Lilly unique is that we can all relate to her, can't we?

We have all been(or are going) through what Lilly is experiencing. Some of us have suffered more, some of us less but we know the pain that comes with simply living. Her helplessness, her cold fury, her confusion. It is all so painfully familiar that  sometimes it is hard to read.

What makes her an incredibly inspirational is the lessons that she, unbeknown to her, has been teaching us through her example. That when you find yourself in the deepest depth of despair, when you slam into the walls of that seemingly bottomless pit, unable to find the answer - it is up to you to climb out. The ones closest to you can cheer you on, but ultimately it is your decision, to climb out, no matter how impossible it might seem - through nail and finger, and bone. Yes, it is unfair, yes it is unjust but it is the hand you have been dealt. Just like Lilly, you shouldn't waste energy decrying life itself, but instead you should start climbing.

When she was at the top, Lilly had another choice to make - whether she'd let her wounds define her. For awhile, willingly or not, she had chosen to stay angry at the world, with no thought for the future, she charged at her enemies with merciless determination, not interested in anything else. She had let herself be defined by that one tragic moment. But again, she fought, she wanted to be her own person. The bunny has walked through the purging fire of loss and despair, and has come out the same person on the other side. In the face of adversity she never stopped trying, never stopped fighting and thus - never stopped being who she is.

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