It wouldn't be a hard sell to call me the most heartless pragmatist imaginable. But if you intentionally infringe on someone else's freedom when it doesn't directly effect you then you are just a pissant. 馃槣

Music is my love I'm a Seamstress, Quilter, Multi Medium artist, Costume maker. former hairstylist and makeup artist.. I love writing short, true life stories or personal perspectives. I'm a great cook specializing in Mexican cooking from scratch and all sorts of Peasant cooking from around the world and bread making.. I am now a Vegan trying to tie it all in. I Love humor, I feel it's most important to have in your life daily, along with heavy does of red pill smarts and awareness I have love for most all Genre's of music but love Psychedelic Rock and Trip hop, Jazz, Reggae & Blues most, but am open... I can usually find something I like in all Genres with the exception on of Nick Cave haven't yet found anything of his I even remotely like and his hair sucks major balls LadaLuv

I'm just trying to add a dash of sanity to the world. No step on snek DqW.four.W.nien.wGxCq let me know if you figure that out ;3 #krinapproved NYTD:

Crypto advocate and blockchain enthusiast!

Anarchist, Atheist, Misanthrope, Cantankerous Contrarian with little regard for all that you hold dear. Feline identitarian and cat supremacist.

ATTENTION ALL MY FRIENDS - FOLLOWERS - AND SUBSCRIBERS Effective immediately I am moving to a new main Page. My new main page is here >>> If you want, know me better at my 'about me' post, here Find my More Adult Page here

To speak up even when you are not being heard is the hardest thing you will do in life. Therefore speak LOUDER

Apr 2018
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