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In December Of 1945, A 5th Holy Gospel Was Discovered To The World, After Long Since Being Buried Deep Within The Sands Of Time.

#scifi writer (and I hate scifi) --- webpage: http://jaccinthebox.com --- CURRENT STATUS --------------------------------------------- We're on BOOK 6 (Chpts: 112-135) --------------------------------------------- book: 1 chapters: 1-21 "saltare cüm diablo" --- book: 2 chapters: 22-43 "pearls before swine" --- book: 3 chapters: 44-66 "diet of worms" --- book: 4 chapters: 67-88 "deus ex machina" --- book: 5 chapters: 89-111 "violent delights" --- book: 6 chapters: 112-135 "until peace and then" ------------------------------------------------ Pro tip: _ Start with Chpts 68 and 69 in book 4 to get a feel for the IP and if you like what you are reading then go back to the beginning! . . . . . . . . . ------------------------------------------------

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Welcome to my Channel here on MINDS! Please take a look at my Posts and be Sure to REMIND any post that you Like as Others may Like it also! Please subscribe to me Here on MINDS .. Subject matter: Alternative Energy Sources, Military Veterans, ChemTrails, UFO's, Vaccines, 322 Skull and Bones, OBE's, NDE's, Ghosts, Fluoride, conspiracies, JFK Assassination, Bigfoot, Art Bell, News Events, Strange Things, Historic Tours and much much MORE! #chemtrails #chemtrailsmn #geoengineering #conspiracy #JFK #UFO #ETB #fluoride #ArtBell #news #topchannel #tesla #nikolatesla #freeeenergy #news #politics #maga #kek #pepe #meme #memes #minds #mindspro #all #everyone @everyone @all *****

Hi! 😚 My nаmе is Jessica! 😗 I want tо meеt friеnd for lоve! 😘 chеck link - http://bit.ly/2FJ62j1 , my lоgin - enesacva1981 😘 I'll wаit fоr you 💛😊😚

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Hello fellow Minds friends. My name is Alan and i live in Spain. I was first introduced to BTC in 2013 by my GURU Max Keiser. since then i have been following trading and selling (of course) BTC and a whole bunch of Alts. In the 7 years of my trading i have seen it all, Boom, crash, boom, then crash again. Since i started my channel i have made over 2000+ posts, some with valuable info and others that have given you hints and tips about possible movements in the (sometimes) dangerous crypto world. Please feel free to go through my posts and like and comment at your leisure. Come and join us fellow CryptoJunkies here and lets enjoy the Mars shot :-) If you feel any of my info has helped you in anyway please leave donations here. Thank you BTC 1DizZzmxHRbXwPP5TW2o9fLFGKan8cJm5p ETH 0x127f4D5f6A31C2FE05aA081733572eE344011615 Many Thanks

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Welcome to ALL Things JAPAN aka Universe Japan! #Japan #Tokyo #Japanese #Food #Travel #Anime #Art ------------------------------------------------------------ Wall Of Thanks! (Thank you ALL for your Support!) Kazuhiro aka @Aragmar Daisuke aka @ano_nym777 Nobuo aka @Bunjaman Katsuo aka @Darkminaz Katsuro aka @driftz27 Takumi aka @FoxFox Hiroki aka @gangstermailsexy Ryuunosuke aka @GemStar7 Satoshi aka @JonW116 Mitsuo aka @KresimirPavlovic Haruto aka @LeonRebodos Ryoto aka @MichaelJGerrior Satoshi aka @Sentinus Yuudai aka @SGTHoc Ryuu/Mamoru aka @SleepingDragon Masaaki aka @thatbigboi Riku aka @TheBradyReport Atsushi aka @VaudevilleVerne Your name here :) ------------------------------------------------------------ Sekiwake Bronze $1.25 - 1 token per month 1-4 Tokens Thank you post Ozeki Silver $6.25 - 5 tokens per month I will give you a Japanese first name + Thank you post Yokozuna Gold $12.5 - 10 tokens per month I will add your channel name to the Wall of Thanks! + Entered into a giveaway each month (of course Japanese related) Choose giveaway choice from anime, Sumo, Pokemon, Naruto, Godzilla, and more! + Get a unique Japanese first name + Thank you post Banzai Platinum $25 - 20 tokens per month I will add your channel name to the Wall of Thanks! + Get a unique Japanese first name --------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the rights of some images, Unless stated. I Do however, try, when ever i can, provide a source and credit the artist. If you would like the image removed please contact me :)

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Your mom's favourite hedge fund manager.

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Sep 2016
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