Crypto: Hated by governments, banks and dictators. Loved by all those who believe in true freedom. Retired airline pilot and full time crypto enthusiast. #Freedom

Crypto Enthusiast Self-Governed Investor Floridian Entrepreneur ~Joined Minds: 4-28-18~ BITCOIN: 38qta693ZrVereW9AZjd9Ker4PdQBbevwV ETHEREUM: 0x08bef767709Aa5fcdaf001d0e4F3c10686B738A9 LITECOIN: MKAzEJDhfAuQzkQpvkmHEzLoPwY7TT5HRU Support: @Randomosity @LovelyLands

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Crypto enthusiast, networker, CEO Levelnaut

The Dood Abides! Webmaster, cryptocurrency trader, and lunatic in general! Just The Dood doing his thing :)

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Dreamer, Feeler,Thinker, Writer, Player of the Game called Life and i love it to make trips into the wild and to hang around with relaxed people. My Motto: You can follow a lot of bullshit into your hell or You can follow your heart into your heaven Incal, copyright Incal This is the reason i choose as my Avatar The Incal. By the way the best comicnovel i ever read. i really love this story. Now you know a little bit more about me....;)

Jul 2018
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