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The Brave Browser – Get Paid Crypto to Surf the Web

WillWalkerFeb 6, 2019, 4:07:47 PM

Are you concerned about your online privacy? Tired of seeing annoying ads?

Want to get paid for surfing the web?

Are you a content creator interested in doubling or tripling your earnings?

Make sure to check out my website Walk the Wire for more details including links to download The Brave Browser. Earn $5 of free Basic Attention Token signing up!

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, an innovative company called Brave Software designed the Brave Browser to revolutionize the way we experience the Internet. The Brave Browser offers a cleaner, faster, and secure browsing experience with content creators and their audiences in mind, and how to support both first. For the first time, creators can transition from just a hobby, to creating and supporting yourself, to building your very own business. Regular users surfing the web are also rewarded for using the platform.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. I was skeptical myself, but the Brave Browser has become my favorite browser over others like Safari and Google’s Chrome. It’s by far my favorite application and one I use all day long.

This is how the Internet was intended to be.

What is Brave Browser?

“Publishers face falling revenue, users feel increasingly violated, and advertisers’ ability to assess effectiveness is diminished” – Basic Attention Token White Paper

Digital advertising is broken. Brave disrupts the space with a speedy, privacy-focused and crypto-friendly web browser first released in 2015. Led by Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla and the creator of the JavaScript programming language, his team has developed an incredible product. Don’t take my word for it, there is a reason people are flocking to Brave.

Brave Browser Stats

- 5+ million monthly active users (MAUs)

- 10+ million downloads on the mobile Android App

- Over 28,000+ verified publishers

- Partnerships with Dow Jones Media Group & Townsquare Media

It looks and feels just like any other browser, but way better.

Why Use Brave?

If you’re an advertiser or a content creator with your own blog, website, or YouTube Channel, then using Brave is a no-brainer. Advertisers receive better feedback on the effectives of their ads and content creators receive their fair share of the revenue.

If you’re a casual user of the Internet, using Brave is even more obvious.

People spend most of their waking hours staring at screens. American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening to or simply interacting with media. Brave eliminates all advertisements (and malicious tracking software) by default, but if you do opt in you receive user-friendly ads AND get compensated.

Otherwise, browsers like Safari or Internet Explorer will blast with advertisements and you will earn nothing.

How Does Brave Work?

With Brave, viewers can reward content creators using Basic Attention Token micropayments and viewers are also rewarded for using the platform. By default, the Brave Browser blocks all intrusive advertisements. However, the user has the option to opt in to be served with non-intrusive advertisements native to the Brave platform. In return, they receive a portion of the advertising revenue in the form of BAT payments that will be automatically converted into their local currency.

The workflow looks something like this:

1) Advertisers purchase advertising space and user attention on the platform with BAT tokens

2) Publishers receive user contributions and advertising revenue in the form of BAT tokens

3) Users will be paid in BAT for viewing BAT ads.

My Experience With Brave

Brave ad blocker

“Mobile advertising results in as much as $23 per month in data charges on the average user’s data plan, slow page loads, and as much as 21% less battery life.”– Basic Attention Token White Paper

I’ve fallen in love with the Brave Browser and have no intentions of using anything else. Since downloading Brave:

- 795,451 Trackers Blocked

- 26,434 Ads Blocked

- 427 HTTPS Upgrades

- 4 Hours Estimated Time Saved

Below are just a few of my observations while using the Brave Browser.

Brave is Seriously Fast

With the HTTPS upgrades and advertisement/tracker blocking features, Brave outperforms other browsers like Google’s Chrome and Safari. I’ve noticed Brave Browser consistently loads pages faster, which saves time and improves my overall experience online.

Brave Browser is Privacy Focused

While I am aware that websites use tracking software, I didn’t realize to what extent. After a quick Google search I uncovered different ways websites track you:

Websites can determine your rough geographical location from your IP Address

Websites know exactly where you came from previously and what page you’re viewing. They also track emails you open.

Websites use third-party cookies to track you across multiple websites. Your browsing history can be tracked and linked.

Websites know your operating system, browser version, installed plug-ins, your time zone, and other information.

There are surely other ways that websites can track and there’s big money it. People are brainstorming new ways to track you everyday.

Using the Brave, take a look at what happen when I visit Facebook – a company with massive privacy problems that has led to lawsuits, House of Commons hearings, and several apologies.

Why does Facebook feel the need to use 17 different ads/trackers? What are they used for?

Brave is Crypto-Friendly

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have sparked a revolution by shifting power away from corporations through decentralized solutions. The Brave Browser is a perfect embodiment of this by changing the way consumers use the Internet.

Creators and users have the ability to receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). While you have the option to automatically convert BAT to your currency of choice, it may actually be a good idea to speculate on its future value.

At its peak in January 2018, 1 BAT was equal to $0.89. A year later in January 2019, the price of 1 BAT has dropped to $0.12. If you’re bullish on cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token is among the more promising projects. It offers real utility and is already integrated in a strong product. It may be smart strategy to hold BAT, potentially boosting the value of your earnings.

Brave Browser is Customizable

One of my favorite aspects of Brave is the total control it gives to the user. I have the option to turn on/off features as I please. Although, I have no plans to do so because I’m enjoying it so much.

What Are You Waiting For?

With the Brave Browser, you’re looking at the future.

It felt weird making the switch to Brave at first, but now I’m extremely comfortable. My experience online reading, watching, and listening to media has drastically improved and it’s fun to track how many ads have been blocked.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself and I guarantee you’ll like it as much as I do. The Brave Browser is free to download – just click this Brave Browser link and select “Download”! 

Make sure to check out my website Walk the Wire for more details including links to download The Brave Browser. Earn $5 of free Basic Attention Token signing up!

Speak freely and earn crypto.
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