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A New World Order

WhippleshireDec 5, 2019, 6:18:46 AM


All the time and investment, even if you consider the Maidan coup a worthy pursuit then and now;  all of the political posturing, the cozying-up to real live Nazis in Ukraine, all of the US State Department machinations and theories and policies, all of the carpet-baggers that enriched themselves on the in-flowing aid money from the US and Europe;  all of that and what for?

So the US can park military equipment across the border from Russia?  And now the point is moot, or will soon be, because Russia no longer needs Ukraine to transit natural gas to Europe and soon to Turkey as well.  With Nordstream 1 and 2 now online Europe no longer needs Ukraine for Russian gas.  So now Ukraine gets no special price from Russia.  They need Russian gas more than they need the Americans at this point.

The gas oligarchs of Ukraine will soon be out of business unless they want to start directly ripping off the Ukrainian people.


As is pointed out here, China is rapidly shoring up their own economy as Trump is still trying to negotiate a trade deal.  Eventually, and likely the reason China has been stalling, they will not need the trade with US as much as they have in the past.


A developing alliance with China which includes military and territorial cooperation as we have seen in the news in recent weeks.  Russia has done well under sanctions, gaining self-reliance in many economic areas and growing all of the time, running surpluses.  Now their energy market has expanded to 1.4 billion Chinese.

Putin has always been polite and played the long game, using the cards dealt and making the most of what is available.  And, more so even than Trump, when he announces he will do something, he does it.  Perhaps that is why the Russians keep voting him back into office.

World Order

Not exactly what the structure was during the Cold War communist era, but these developments point to a bi-polar world once more, as the powers in the East consolidate economically and challenge the hegemony of the US. 

Make no mistake, neither China or Russia are disposed to seize large chunks of territory.  They have learned from the American Imperial example of previous generations.  Economic control is just as effective or more effective than political or state control.

However, we will see that as the Russian economy continues to grow and the alliance with China deepens, neither nation will be as disposed to put up with American belligerence in the proxy contests throughout the world.

Trump's instincts were correct on this.  Sending the US military all over the world to stamp out dictators and other leaders they don't like is expensive and counterproductive.  That neocon leaning forward mindset came about when the Soviet Union fell and the dreamers thought that the world would sit still while America stomped the globe and created the New World Order.

The globalists also believed they could use this scenario to create a global order with global warming/climate change as the emotional driver to get the West to give up their independence, but that is falling apart as well.  And while elitists in the West are wringing their hands about the rise of nationalism once more, Putin just did it.  And only a few saw it coming because the rest underestimated the Russian people or they were out and out blinded by their Russophobia.

And we saw that hatred and suspicion of all things Russian on display in the Adam Schiff portion of the impeachment hearings lately.  It became abundantly clear that they wanted to take Trump down simply because he was changing American foreign policy and had disdain for their sacred cows and feverish hatreds.

So as Alexander Mercouris points out, Macron and Trump are too late to pry Russia away from China.  Even without the Russia hoax taking up the first three years of the Trump presidency, it may have already been too late.

It is time now to re-establish those nuclear agreements that were let slide when the Americans thought Russia was not worth talking to.  Because China now, by association has access to those nuclear weapons, or the use of them as well.

By and large Trump is a realist.  A huff and puff blowhard in manner but with a solid grasp of what should have been obvious to the Harvard grads in the State Department.  The world has changed once more.  Ukraine will fade from the minds of Americans at all levels soon and will gradually reunite, at least economically, with mother Russia.


It would not be wise to hold one's breath waiting for it, but the climate change doom-sayers should welcome this news.

China's impending switch from coal energy to gas will do more to reduce the CO2 in the global atmosphere than anything that all of the West has done to date.  It is still fossil fuel, but once online, within a few years the atmospheric numbers will change dramatically. 

China will always do what is in the best interest of China, but in this case they may actually take some of the wind out of the climate catastrophe sails in the process.  We will see.