On November 24th of the common era year 1996, I was born in an Arkansan hospital located within Little Rock. Since then, the first 7 years of my life were predominately spent living within the Rosenberg portion of Texas and the following 13 years have been likewise spent within the Escondido partition of California. Regarding past pursuits and continuing interests, the following topics come immediately to mind: Chess; Lego Robotics; Fascination with teas, salts, steaks, bacon, and chocolate; involvement in Cub Scouts (started as a Webelos and got the Arrow of Light), Boy Scouts (became an Eagle Scout), and a chapter within the Order of the Arrow (advanced to the rank of Brotherhood); Growing love for nature via such activities as hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and boogie boarding. In terms of education: enormous thanks being to my parents and truly also all involved in mentoring me, I am a home-schooled graduate of Sapere Aude (or: "Dare to Be Wise") Academy. While I am at it, I would like to highlight the fantastic 5 year experience I was honored to have had with Mr. Fritz Hinrichs' "Great Books [of Western Civilization] Tutorial" program through the excellent Escondido Tutorial Service. Though I am considering switching to a Philosophy major, I am currently blessed to be a Music major at the amazing Palomar Community College. {In terms of a future career, I have thus far focused my mind somewhat to brainstorming a primary profession in theology/philosophy research plus presentation of findings and a secondary profession in teaching/performing/composing music.} As I often seem to tell my friends and all who inquire into my thoughts: the more I become educated, ever more it seems I am learning about the limitations of my ability to know much of anything and that perhaps the simplest reality about this cosmos is its awe-inspiring complexity. Religiously speaking, I was raised within the context of Christianity. More specifically, I have had the most direct and intimate relationship with congregations of Christian believers affiliated with the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement of the early 19th century. Normatively referred to quite simply as "churches of Christ", for the information of readers: the particular Restoration Movement congregations about which I mean to speak are often given such labels as "non-institutional" (i.e. the conviction that, though love/charity displayed to humans in need is virtuous, there is no support from the Judeo-Christian holy scriptures for practicing such a virtue via parachurch organizations) and "non-instrumental" (i.e. the conviction that, though there is good to be observed from the internal endeavor to deepen in sincerity and from the external expression of such devotion through singing, human inventions for music should not be used within corporate sonic worship to God). To this day, I remain grateful for my spiritual upbringing and endeavor--with every fibre of my being--to be the best human and Christian that I can be. In a nutshell: in every thought, communication, and action, my mission is to glorify God and edify everything/everyone through luscious love, fearless faith, and happy hope!
Jan 2017
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