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Hello I am Joe , I am a disabled person, when I moved out on my own, wasn't a matter of choice. Rather it was a matter of life or death. Shortly before I moved out I started seeing a therapist, so I could deal with problems I was having. Problems caused by a very difficult, nightmarish childhood, and toxic relatives. Unfortunately for me my relatives who didn't care about anything, or body ( they where heartless criminals ) when they found out that I was seeing a therapist, they became afraid skeletons would be coming out of the closet, that they wanted to stay hid. Moving out became a choice between continuing therapy or staying with my relatives that now wanted me dead. Which really was no choice at all. Ironically you would think I'd miss my relatives agsin, however we where never a family, just strangers living together, that never spoke, all seeking there own thing, usually ment doing criminal and mean to someone else just for a fast buck. A conscious is something I'd rather never live without. The first thing I abandoned after moved was my car, moved to a town that was easy for a bicycle. After many years of not wanting or needing a car. I have decided to get my driver's license back and then go on to get a motorcycle license. Still don't want to drive a car, but a I do want a motorcycle. The change was brought on by firstly a stroke, and arthritis in my joints. As getting sexually assaulted by a female bus driver. I was getting on the wheelchair lift. When the female driver grabbed and squeezed my ass, then shoved me so hard I almost fell off the lift. Sadly when you're disabled there's no such thing as justice. Needless to say I really hate busses , and also makes my determine to get my license back

Having big hopes for minds.com.. : ) Wanting to help build a better world! Besides that doing new circus, physical performance, dance and music. Hope that Mind can be a clean platform for bonding with like minded.

Just some guy. Pro free speech, pro Israel, pro Constitution. Anti Communist, Anti-fascist, Anti-socialist, Anti-racist. Say no no way to 鍏卞尓 ! Unapologetic capitalist: but I'll throw in the opinions for free.

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Promoting Freedom In Health And Life. Advocate For Natural Law & Health Through Nutrition & Consciousness. Open Mind To All. Expect Challenging, Intriguing and Innovative Content Here In Order To QUESTION And Bring About Consciousness. YOU Decide. In Support Of Independent/Alternative Media/Music And Open Sourced Software/Usage. To connect all generations with a message in a mission; a mission in a message. - Cory Edmund Endrulat, Freedom & Creativity Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Innovator. Known as "The Kookoonut." Nature Is The Answer | NITA Health News & Video Content Subscribe to my video channels if you want the world to get thinking more or in the effort to understand the world around us. Let's build a community. We are willing to question anything and everything, I am not afraid to speak out openly. Interviews, News, Analysis, Dot-Connecting, Mini-Documentaries, Seminars, Recipes, Live-Streams and More! Experimentation Upon Content May Include Podcast, Voice-Over, Reactions etc.! See the content for yourself! https://www.bitchute.com/channel/JxlxLmsSTYyq/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6rmdIpcH6KIQ1LDVFeFcQ Support The Mission/Message. Help me make a living, helping other's living: PayPal: http://paypal.me/natureistheanswer Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/natureistheanswer SubscribeStar: https://www.subscribestar.com/nature-is-the-answer VIDEO SITE: ceenature.wix.com/nitavideo MAIN SITE: www.nita.one

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