Information Liberation
#Alternative Media
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Why Are They So Unique? There are many different kinds of activists in the world, but, red-pill activists are unique because they’re exposing people to information that can help us transcend our petty differences and unite our populace around larger ideas. There are many deceptions and hidden agendas at play that affect everyone, not just one particular group. These hidden and not so hidden agendas range from political and social to more abstract ideas like the true nature of our reality and the quantum forces that govern our physical realm. Red-pill activists are expanding our awareness about crucial issues by exposing these hidden agendas. There are many other traits that make red-pill activists so unique. Red-pill activists are free thinkers not bound by the limits of conventional wisdom. They are curious but skeptical and aren’t afraid to question the corporate media narrative or our society’s long-held dogmatic beliefs. They know we are being deceived and manipulated and have a strong urge to find out the truth and spread the word to others. Their minds are open to all possibilities, but more importantly, they’re critical thinkers who question everything. They instinctively lean towards individual freedom, and they despise group-think. They use information itself to create change in the world, and they’re very effective at what they do. But there is much more to them than that. I will present several real-world examples and try to make the case on why it is so important to support them.
With his monologue, Jeremy Elliot (@TheIconicPodcast on Instagram) NAILS several issues and narratives concerning the rungs in the ladder being used by the Deep State to attain their objectives - wordplay, the deaths of 1.5M of tuberculosis last year compared to COVID-19, why we are really being setup to social distance, the ironies of a society that expects what it does yet ignores what it is already doing for the sake of convenience and controlling the narrative, and several other "you've gotta be a special kind of stupid" antics the Liberals and DS want you to believe...