you can follow me through my Telegram @Vikingmiden85 I’m an America First Woman with a family to protect, so no personal info will be on here. I’m generally pro Viking heritage. I’m also part Scottish☺️

Hello everybody, this channel is of many things; drawing art, writing parodies, taking videos or photos of places I've visited. I'm also a youtuber and I'm on bitchute who likes to do exploration, i hope to gain interest from people subscribing to provide support and help me in furthering the expedition to explore all over the world. I also have Zazzle created to sell my Red Pill Philosophy i created. Most of my drawings i've been creating would go on the products as with my philosophy. The reason i named myself the "red pill samurai" is because i am striving to better my own life and live as well as help teach others too, which is why i created the red pill samurai philosophy.

Elements Of Truth

An observer of the times, understanding where we are so we can know what is going to happen next as history will always repeat itself. Formerly Celticmclane and Charxrid

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I am a 51 year old woman living in this insane world and surviving. I am an Odinist and National Socialist.

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I am a professional spray painter that worked for Cessna Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas from 1980-1986 was laid off and went to work for Boeing in April 1986 which is now called SpiritAerosystems in Wichita,Kansas. I am currently employed there and have 35 years of aircraft experience. I seek no fame or fortune, I’m just the average guy that’s trying to make an honest living and provide for my family.

Nguyễn Anh Tú
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Apr 2018
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