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Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

Girls, Games and Poetry.

Believer of Christ✞ and have a massive love for Anime. PSN:XAndrew01X Nintendo Switch Friendcode:SW-2429-8114-6803

Sharing muh arts. (NOTE: Please look through my content to see if you like before you follow/subscribe. I make sfw art but themed with Scalies sometimes since Imma Scalie zoomer.)

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Free Software, GNU/Linux, Debian, Music, Punk, Cinema, Bass, Video Games, Dragon Ball, Travels and Art Exhibitions.

Hey all you Gamer Gremlins! ATN is gonna play some old, broken games. Come and watch! Current Playthrough: The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall Daggerfall Unity and mods ATN the Wandering Skald Additional games: The Stanley Parable Gauntlet Bendy and the Ink Machine Portal Also on: BitChute/StageDoodyBits Parler/StageDoodyParlon Discord/StageDoodyDiscussion Twitch/StageDoodyStreamer YouTube/StageDoodyVids Gab/StageDoodyGab SubcribeStar/StageDoodyStar Let me know what you think, thanks!

Hello, Am joychrish and I have years experience in digital marketing professional, create many business relationships and links with a lot of social media influencer in the whole world. I decided to become an independent freelancer and offer quality services in the field of production and influencer Twitch Expert,you tub and Fb. Tell me what you need the world to know and I will take care to reach the right people on various social media platforms to help drive visitors for you on your Twitch channel.... Always available to give a reply to your messages....

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Jun 2015
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