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Facts about Anxiety and Depression

ValeriaKelschaNov 6, 2018, 12:22:38 AM

A very high percentage of people globally currently suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can, therefore, be labeled as a global phenomenon. It is brought about by numerous reasons some of which are the lifestyle and economic wellbeing of affected persons. Anxiety and depression are often used interchangeably but they are different conditions. Furthermore, the treatment for both conditions is the same. Anxiety can be generic, due to an individual's personality or may be linked to trauma or certain stressful situations.

Anxiety is a symptom that is caused by a medical condition, mental or physical trigger or an environmental trigger. It is characterized by nervousness, panic, or restlessness which may culminate and cause a person's heart rate to increase substantially. The person often experiences sudden treble, loss of breath or sweating. This person may be gripped fear or feel as if they are facing imminent and life-threatening danger. This anxieties moments will prevent such individuals from sleeping. The nature and manifestation of the anxiety symptoms may further prevent a person from carrying on with their daily routine.

The occurrence of anxiety may be an indication that a person is developing a medical condition. For instance, asthma is characterized by episodes of panic attacks. The development of illnesses such as respiratory diseases, heart attack or diabetes may also manifest anxiety. Persons who are struggling with substance abuse and addictions may suffer from anxiety from time to time. This is evident during withdrawal symptoms during treatment or when the person goes without the substance in question for a long time.

Anxiety attacks may be prompted by environmental triggers. Some people have an excessive fear of heights, flying or certain animals and insects such as dogs and spiders respectively. When such persons encounter this triggers they suffer from different types of anxiety including panic attacks.

Depression, on the other hand, is characterized by deep sadness and hopelessness. Many depressed persons are suicidal because they lack the zeal to live. To them, life is not worth living. Many times depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain or an underlying mental disorder. A case in point is bipolar disorder. People who suffer from Cambridge depression develop anxiety as well. Research indicates that eighty-five percent of people with depression also suffer from anxiety disorders.

A person who has an anxiety disorder or depression should seek treatment such as ketamine therapy Massachusetts at the most opportune time. Treatment includes therapy, relaxation technique, support system, avoiding triggers and medication which includes antidepressants. 

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