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England: How Ideological Possession and Forgotten History Led to Lost National Pride.

Unquiet ContentionDec 19, 2020, 2:28:59 AM

England is a place of wonder. But there is something wrong with this fine nation... Its natural beauty remains unrivalled in my mind, and it is unique in many many ways. But it is a sick place. 

I am afraid to report England is a country run by authoritarians. They are the small-minded kind, the kind that rules not on threats of torture or pain or direct harm, or even on absolute power or authority by virtue of being given it, they are fuelled by media fear and are thus, an object of possession by it. 

It was once in a less free time that the government owned the printing press, now it is the printing press that owns the government. The government is terrified of the media, and thus, will consult it, encourage it, and work with it, rather than doing as they should, dismiss and deride it as bunk, especially in this day and age. The result is as follows below.

The old English stiff-upper-lip attitude has been replaced with the incessant wining and complaining of the modern generations, the product of the Baby Boomer successive line, the people have more in common with the French imported ideals of America, (those being Marxism and Postmodernism) and ultimately, we are a nation that has lost our way.

We no longer teach in detail the history of our people, the importance of our myths and legends. No, instead we teach to our children and college/university students that we are an evil people, our culture is imported, and that our history is nothing but the ramblings of insane patriarchs. 

We are a sickly people, our pathos is gone, our need for a path, however, is still there. We hunger for meaning, so where do we place this hunger? Most of us place it in each other, but remain ignorant of what this country is, its history, or even the wider national beauty around them. And with this mindset, you are very easy to manipulate into doing what the government wants. 

The average Brit grumbles and mumbles about things that they hate but seeks to do nothing about them. Where has the spine gone? Where is the piss and vinegar? Where is the fury of the protest? Where is the solid, rigid standards we assess ourselves and others by? Gone to the wind by the ever-shortened attention span of which a diet of television and social media has created.

The average Brit is comfortable, and they always will be, because they have faced little strife in truth, some have regarded the current pandemic as a strife, but why do they not see it as an act against them? That’s what it is. Where are the Brits gone that said “I’ve put up with enough of your nonsense and I don’t care anymore. Shut the hell up and get out of my way.” 

They’re a generation gone and lost, and the government knows that, no, it IS that. It is the weak-willed, pussyfooting, consensus-abiding core of the nation. I’d like to say this isn’t the fault of the British, but I will not lie, it is your fault if you do not pay attention to what the hell is passing around you, what the hell is going on around you is exactly the business you should be paying attention to.

When they pass a law that tells you that you can own land but cannot build on it, you damn well say “Fuck your law, that’s my land. I paid for it, try and knock it down, I dare you.” When they tell you that you cannot do this or that, you tell them where to stick it. When they soon pass a law that tells you that you cannot leave your house unless you bring your vaccination card, you storm the hell out and you get your bread, milk and eggs. If they arrest you on the way, you make as much of a scene as possible. Have a backbone. Stop giving in to authoritarianism. 

Be the stubborn old bastard who won’t be told what to do or what not to do, do not compromise, do not be as rigid as a sponge and as malleable as clay, be the diamond in the rough I know you are. 

Obedience to the state is not loyalty to your country. Your country is the woodland, the nature, the natural land around you, and it is telling you to do nothing but appreciate it. These fake people with their so-called civilised societies, living in concrete jungles with high suicide rates, where you must be quiet, never go near people again and for the greater good, you mustn’t breed, you have to be bigger than that and remove yourself from that toxic system.

It is co-opted by evil, and I can say this as someone who’s seen evil before, it is evil. And when COVID ends, it will still be evil because this is a system that discourages socialisation, poisons the minds of the young, and kills creativity stone dead. I’ve had to struggle with that all of my life, existing in a system that sought to rip me apart. Now I am where I am, I can say it isn’t an all-bad system, but it is mostly bad, and reeks of bureaucratic authoritarianism.

The country is beautiful, it has so many natural wonders, so many places to explore, so many pockets of beauty that are to die for, and indeed, many millions of soldiers have. It is the mentality of the people that kill this nation, and its obsession with its buildings rather than the richness of the place itself that is the problem. People seem to wear an odd hybrid nostalgia, in which they see Big Ben but cannot see the history of it, simply instead ogling over it like they’ve seen something they’ve seen on TV. It’s a big clump of stone and metal with a clock on it if you know nothing about it.

And that said, I will try to learn the history of my nation, the stories of those who came before me, to not over-analyse but to read with a passionate interest its past, and to engage with it as much as I can, but a part of me feels it is too far gone to redeem, at least, by my standards.

I will bare this nation as long as I can, but I feel my grounding for this nation, my love for it, slipping away. 

England will forever be my home, but its politicians, its increasingly weakening people, its dying sense of history as a part of its fabric, its authoritarian fetish, its obsession with the “outside” aka outgroup bias, all of that is beyond the pale for me.

Wake up, England. It’s time to smell the tea. I smelled it long ago, but there’s something rotten, and it’s coming from the core of the country. Ignore it if you dare, but I won’t be around it much longer, the stench is getting too difficult to ignore. 

And where does all of this come from, aside from the French-American dual import of Marxism? It comes from Europe. So many of our hideous, authoritarian laws, including the COVID laws, come from Italy, Germany, France, you know, nations used to dictatorship of some form or another and whom were once the tools of Communism or Nazism at one point or another. 

They are very snug with and and proud of their controlling ideas, still remembering the roots of their ideological systems, their desires for global power, and in the case of Germany, their lust for a European empire. The laws we have come post-joining the EU, from a time where we very much so considered ourselves a nation of European identity and as such, without history.

Why? Because history is a great teacher, and the only teacher our bureaucrats had need of was those of the "sophisticated Europeans" as the Americans ironically term them. And many of these laws are very recent indeed.

Brexit could lead to a return to national values, but for now my sights are being cast further afield, a place somewhat freer, but on that point, I will stop and perhaps resume another time. 

Thank you for reading.