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Oh and Zazzle keeps taking down my Little Shop of Horrors event shirts and mug. It comes from a Public Domain movie from the 1960's. Even though I have sent them my research that backs up my stance, the company keeps removing my creative items. I don't know what else to do. Sorry for the inconvenience these repetitive incidents have caused. I will have to do a generic shirt to mark our event instead. Thank you for your understanding. #digitalart #bookevent #zazzle #shirt
Autumn Cider Novel Selection: In the Name of Blood Want to read a nontraditional vampire novel? Then download In the Name of Blood: Riley Austin believes life is predictable. That is until she helps her friend, Tony, catch the kidnapper of three little boys. While using her sixth sense to find the missing kids, she and Tony are attacked and Riley is taken by Julian, a vampire, who wishes to use her gift for his own purposes. When he asks for her assistance, Riley discovers a kindred spirit in Julian. Moreover, she discovers that an insane, power-hungry vampire called Wilhelm is at the center of many disappearances. A bond grows between Julian and Riley and is strengthened when she saves his life. For her own protection Julian returns her to the safety of the mortal realm. What Julian does not realize is that Riley was never going to remain safe... Buy your copy today! http://www.undawnted.com/2019/11/autumn-cider-novel-selection-in-name-of.html #horror #vampires #crimedrama #novel #fiction
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