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"Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem." - Thomas Jefferson ------------------------------------------------------------ Top Donors List: - @Willieleev1971 - 660 Tokens @Southerndream - 466 Tokens @ladyred - 435 Tokens @JonW116 - 360 Tokens @iBrainGood -- 162 Tokens @VisionLaunch - 120 Tokens @Marketoff - 108 Tokens @CausingNaziButthurt - 78 Tokens @BlueAxeRacer - 73.105 Tokens @gangstermailsexy - 60 Tokens @RC_Constitutionalist - 55.5 Tokens @ObservingLibertarian - 50 Tokens @WulffHuman - 43 Tokens @Bagaway - 39 Tokens @SleepingDragon - 37 Tokens @andrewcummings - 36 Tokens @creytabell - 36 Tokens @allycat_lbd - 35 Tokens @HumbleHashMaker - 31.56 Tokens @Maximillian - 31 Tokens @ChrisDoogood - 30 Tokens @tomtomandt - 5 Tokens @Mindsprome donated hundreds of tokens from his old channel that were a big help in growing @TeaFlavoredHarborWater, so his new channel gets a permanent honorary mention here. - If you'd like your channel to be removed from this list, or if you believe there is an error on this list please let me know. I do my best to keep my donor list updated and accurate, but I'm happy to correct any errors you find. This channel treats all offchain token wires as interest free token loans with no set term for repayment. Donors (lenders) with the lowest balance will have their tokens returned first every month. Be advised, once donors have been repaid they will be removed from this list. They are always welcome to return to the list by wiring tokens again. ------------------------------------------------------------ Anyone who wishes to donate anonymously may do so in ETH or Onchain MINDS tokens to this address: 0x58ab4B0bd5DE76e7494c8DfDf814d3039579641e ------------------------------------------------------------ Donate BTC: 1KLiguRUjkT1GuvTm3vS8jwWNRrta4fVi5 ------------------------------------------------------------ Donate BCH: qryjeam7xwn7vp7ak5h8tf4nv9s4j78kmq7ng5pl3a ------------------------------------------------------------ Donate LTC: LdZfx7jJpQh4XiccwBujQm1GaeEAk69ZCk ------------------------------------------------------------ Donate XRP: r9qL3f8tPRLfP6VZ6Jei5EyQeU5Vk1FrFL ------------------------------------------------------------ Donate XLM: GBEXZT575NDJOYQHPVWBVUQXOT6R7LF54PVFGT6CMW7NH5X3LM2M7RC3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Donate DASH: Xu2ZXA5NhTfbRrX3cwEezGdJCmSacBesVw --------------------------------------------------- - REFERRAL LINKS - Cointiply allows you to earn BTC with a faucet, by playing games, taking surveys, viewing ads, or watching videos. - CryptoTab is a web browser that will mine BTC while you surf the web. You can utilized the processing power of your desktop/laptop computer, utilize sever dependent mining on your phone, or both! - FireFaucet is the best AutoFaucet I've found so far for collecting cryptocurrencies. This site also has a traditional faucet, pay-to-click-ads, shortlinks, and surveys you can use to earn claims on the autofaucet. The cryptocurrencies this faucet pays are XMR, ETH, DGB, LTC, TRX, ZEC, DOGE, BTC, and DASH +++ ++++++ +++++++++

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Stefan Molyneux
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Peaceful Parent, Philosopher and Host of Freedomain, the world's largest philosophy conversation!

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"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.

Aug 2018
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