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Why the people are just as guilty as the dictators

TsaiSep 3, 2016, 2:37:33 AM

Many in the West complain that their governments are becoming increasingly totalitarian. They shift the blame for this onto the 'shadowy elites' and multi-national corporations who seem to control everything. Sorry, but the people are just as guilty. 

Totalitarian governments are not the result of a small handful of elites who conspire behind closed doors to seize control of the masses. Totalitarianism is made possible by the people's willing participation in immorality. It is immoral to threaten to break somebody's body if they refuse to hand over their money. That is slavery, especially if the victim cannot ever escape this bondage. We all understand that slavery is immoral, yet many believe that taxation is moral. Sorry to prick your bubble, but if paying taxes isn't a choice, then it's slavery. If the government can convince the masses that it is moral for the government to enslave the people, the government can easily justify any and all other forms of evil. The society we end up with is the society we deserve. That has to change.

Change begins with having a clear understanding of morality, and it's really simple. Basically, what you do unto others, others may do unto you. If it is right and good for politicians to threaten us with violence if we refuse to serve them, then it is right and good for us to threaten them with violence if they refuse to back off. This is the only way we can end tyranny.

Morality will lead to liberty. Liberty will lead to prosperity. Prosperity will lead to destiny.