Truth Bytes...cutting to the heart of the matter Searching for the truth is not an idle occupation, rather it is the essence of everything. Without truth we are just living a fantasy, without vision or hope. The scriptures claim to be “the truth” the true reality. So let’s explore some biblical truths that will bring meaning to our lives, a sense of purpose to what we see and experience, and guidance along the path that leads through the hills and valleys of life. Truth is that two-edged can “bite” those who try to ignore it, or it can be wielded to protect those who use it with discernment. But most importantly, truth, the knowledge of what is real, must be spoken with love, and an intent to help and support, not undermine or demean. God is the source of truth. He created us, and gave us his mind and heart. Then he gave us a choice and free will. But he advised us to choose life. We must know the truth in order to make that choice. So join us on a journey through the scriptures as we explore some “truth bytes.”
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Christian, seminary student, professor, former teacher abroad in China and Turkey, ex-bar owner and alcoholic, ex-anarchist turned Jeffersonian liberal, musician and lover of life.

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Freedom of speech must include the freedom to speak.

British Columbia, Canada
Aug 2018
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