Tranime Girl


Reasonable Tranny combating Gender Insanity
The future scares the shit out of me. People like me fall through a debate that shouldn't even exist. I'm not so much worried for me, the individual, I'm more afraid for others like me. I very much believe a transsexual has the neurology of the sex opposite what their body was born. One side of the debate insists this is impossible, because they see "transgender" and all its nonsense, and assumes transsexuals are the same. The other side stops research on it because they know damn well the microsecond medical science can shows transsexuals are one thing and transgender are not that thing, their support is gone. Meanwhile, actual transsexuals' numbers are so infinitesimally small that no one hears us. and feminists... I'm sorry the difference between male and female brains gets misused, but that misuse of information does not make that information wrong. If the two sexes were neurologically identical, bisexuality would be the most common orientation, not heterosexuality. If the sexes were neurologically identical, that horrible experiment were a boy, suffering a botched circumcision, was raised as a girl his whole childhood would not have gone on to still live as a man. He didn't have that "male socialization", and yet he went on to be a man. The experiment didn't make him a girl because his neurology was still male.  Different doesn't mean inferior. Different doesn't mean women belong in the kitchen.  My fear for the future can be summed up thusly - I fear truth will be lost to "transgender" abusing women and women being desperate to defend themselves. I understand the desperation, believe me I do...  I hope medicine finds a definitive way to sort the TS from the rest and finds it soon. This would all end so suddenly.  I so badly want a future where "Tranime Girl" has no reason left to exist, my content can be archived, and I can just go back to being me. I have many years left on me, but I don't think there are enough years for me to see that future.
Let me tell you something about women that is going to make a certain demographic very angry. Women definitely have a bit of an in-group. Obviously, women are individuals, not all of them will act the same, but in general, there's an in-group. If you're a woman, chances are if there's other women near by, they're probably keeping an eye out. It's sort of like a very light version of friendship between strangers. But here's the part that will make certain people angry. You can't choose to enter that in-group. If you're not in it, and they don't bring you in to it, tough shit. There's nothing you can do about it. Women accept people in to that little in group, or reject, based whether or not you read as female. You can look female all you want, but that's not enough. That's nowhere near enough. The only way someone born externally male is going to get in that in group is by making the outside match the inside - the inside has to be woman to begin with. It can't be taught. It can't be faked. It's very obvious when you ARE in that in-group, but you probably have no idea what I'm talking about if you're not in that group. Even if you convince women to call you she and all that, if you're not read as female, they can say "Oh yes, transwomen are women" till you're absolutely gushing with joy over it - Doesn't matter, that's not acceptance in that in-group. There are no amount of surgeries, hormones, "passing lessons", legislation, work place policies, gender neutral bathrooms, pride parades, etc that can make it happen. If your transition landed you still outside that group... you probably shouldn't have transitioned, and you have "gender affirming care practices" to thank for it. By the way... that same in-group can collectively view you as their enemy. How? Just look at the behavior and mannerisms of "transwomen" who end up in viral videos over pronouns, bathrooms, women's services, etc. If you fall in that category, yes, pretty much all the women hate you. Oh, and those of you who say "Well, the women don't say anything to me in the bathroom, I must pass" - No, that's a really good sign you don't read female. You're probably actually in the latter group.
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