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Danish Photographer and Author Mother of 8 children. Humanist Empath

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Open minded travel - fashion - food - nature enthusiast. Environmentalist and Therapist The very first blogger on Minds. #SeeWhereIgo Every day new travel inspiration All content is my original #OriginalContent My other channel: https://www.minds.com/WeGiveHealth My story: https://www.minds.com/WeGiveHealth/blog/elie-my-story-881837716105814016

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News, Entertainment, Humor, Trivia, etc. ●Mandela Effect Community● https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/628817356868558858

Hello, welcome. I like to draw futuristic environments, characters and much more. I love to talk about NFTs, DeFi, cryptocurrencies and how they are changing our lives. DM's are open to chat about anything. Commissions are open! I can animate and draw things that don't exist yet. Feel free to remind my art or send me MINDS tokens! I'm trying to buy lifetime minds+. Please help me reach my goal. All donations are greatly appreciated!! 🙏

To believe is to not know. To believe is to pretend to know. When children pretend we call it play. When adults pretend we call it government and religion. It is a weak mind that accepts the word of another as law over them. It is a weak and dangerous mind that accepts the word of another as law over them, then applies that law to all others. And yet, is not all government, all religion, based on exactly this?

IT professional & trainer, game enthusiast and proud anti SJW shit poster. BitChute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/bogdanpuiu/ YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/c/BogdanPuiu88 Gab - https://gab.ai/bogga88 Twitter - https://twitter.com/bogga88 If you like my content you can offer your support by donating on Patreon, MakerSupport, PayPal or via cryptocurrency: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bogga88 PayPal: [email protected] Bitcoin address - 34tFLHF9ptZnWP8jbcibqn5cz9hgVucF8s Litecoin address - LXFwqZ7hWTNVkTcV771P5p6LWz8H5Mftoh Dogecoin address - DQrNXsQe6GVhQXmLoJbD2eNFBx9STiz9SC

Photographer, thanks to my dad. Writer, thanks to my mom. Science Fiction writer, thanks to Heinlein and Herbert. Fantasy writer, thanks to Tolkein and Lewis. Horror writer, thanks to Poe and Lovecraft. Humor, parody, and satire writer, thanks to Twain, Asprin, and Swift. Political writer, thanks to Spooner, Mencken, Rockwell, and Paul. Published writer, thanks to the support of my wife. Libertarian, thanks to Rockwell and Woods. Anti-SJW, thanks to Gamergate, the Hugo Awards, and SJWAL. Alt-West, by Vox Day's taxonomy, thanks to Jefferson, Paine, and Hancock. Leaning further and further Alt-Right, thanks to Vox Day and terror attacks worldwide. I write on topics as varied as science fiction, the Hugo awards, Gamergate, censorship, and government power at LewRockwell.com. I can admire and appreciate a clever and funny joke, even if I disagree with the joke, or the joker, or even if I'm the target...it's called "sense of humor." I post my writings and photography, and meme my own photos. I also post links to my stuff for sale under the #shamelessselfpromotion tag. Gab - DELETED Blog - http://allandavisjr.blogspot.com/ Photography Blog - http://shardsandphractures.blogspot.com/ Humor Blog - http://nickelatatime.blogspot.com/ Amazon Author Page - https://www.amazon.com/Allan-Davis/e/B01F40754O LewRockwell.com Articles - https://www.lewrockwell.com/author/allan-davis/ Interests, Obsessions, Distractions - An Online Resume - http://allandavisjr.blogspot.com/p/interests-obsessions-and-distractions.html Fanfiction.net - https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2082778/allandavisjr Adobe Stock Photography - https://stock.adobe.com/contributor/206477927/Allan Getty Images Stock Photography - http://www.gettyimages.de/search/2/image?artist=allan%20davis%20%2F%20eyeem&excludenudity=true&page=1&sort=newest Dreamstime Stock Photography https://www.dreamstime.com/phxcameraman_latest-stock-photos_pg1 Eyeem - https://www.eyeem.com/u/u23267854 Imagekind - http://allandavisjr.imagekind.com/ Redbubble - http://www.redbubble.com/people/allandavisjr?asc=u CafePress - http://www.cafepress.com/profile/allandavisjr Zazzle - https://www.zazzle.com/allandavisjr/products?rf=238979670201587845 Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/allandavisjr/ FineArtAmerica https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-allan-davis.html DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/allandavisjr/gallery/ ArtStation https://www.artstation.com/allandavisjr Displate https://displate.com/allandavisjr?art=5bdb088ad7b8a Society6 https://society6.com/?curator=allandavisjr Mipic https://www.mipic.co/allandavisjr/

Funny jokes, memes and general shithousery

Music in video games are often taken for granted, but some of the best music I got the pleasure to hear comes from just that! from video games! This channel is dedicated to show you the best music that video games got to offer, sit back and relax, and enjoy the ride :) I'm making music mixes of games that have very good music. Both old & new games, also many different styles of music and types of games. Official Minds account for GameMusicHallberg You can also find me on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/c/GameMusicHallberg Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/gamemusichallberg BitTube https://bit.tube/GameMusicHallberg BitChute https://www.bitchute.com/channel/aACTea8BrLDE Twitter https://twitter.com/GameHallberg Steemit https://tinyurl.com/ybo7gjrv Enjoy the music!

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