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Wisdom of the Past Critique of the Present Struggle of the Future http://www.rightwingphilosophy.org [email protected] Right Wing Philosophy was begun during the autumn of CXXVII ANNÓ LVPI as a response to the increasing prevalence of shills and traitors posturing and perverting from within the all-too-liberally-conceived notion of "the political right". It is Our Mission to provide and foster all support necessary for the winning of this Struggle for the True Right, that is, according to among other things the Law of Hierarchy - our Practical Action guided by our understanding of Natural Law and Spiritual Truth.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children! 卐 I am a Christian, Conservative, Lover of Animals, Hater of Pedophiles, Democrats, Liberals, and anyone who says, "We are all equal" as nothing on this plane of existence is equal. Not in nature, not in animals, and definitely not in the human race! 卐 I do not care what you think of me. Call me a racist... It only makes me laugh as everyone is racist to one degree or another. 卐 Jews are the Synagogue of Satan and are the true "supremacists" yet are far from Supreme! 卐 Niggers are a plague on humanity - and - MuSlimes are pedophiles who need to be hung next to the above mentioned vermin!!! 卐 I enjoy slapping morons verbally and will sometimes have a battle of the wits with an unarmed person. 卐 Now... On with the fun and games!!! 卐 Follow me on GAB...the FREE SPEECH version of twitter.... https://gab.ai/JewsAreSynagogueOfSatan

Tarot reader and YUGE Trump supporter. F - YOUR FEELINGS. FEMINIAZIS, MARXISTS AND SJWs BEWARE THIS WOMAN, LOVES STRAIGHT WHITE MEN WITH A NORMAL TESTOSTERONE LEVEL. I EXERCISE MY 1A AND 2A, THE END. If you would like a reading or just want to check out my profile or reviews you can find me at... https://www.psychicvop.com/Psychic-Tisha https://www.keen.com/Psychic%20Tisha https://seeer.com/advisor/psychic_tisha http://www.bitwine.com/psychics/377042-psychic_tisha

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