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Gleaming is an upcoming free web based science fiction comic book written by THR with art by tofuthebold. Other series are also in the works. Check back here for updates Minds page run by THR tofuthebold: https://twitter.com/tofuthebold

Recording Connection in Los Angeles offers their students hands-on education in the music industry. http://www.recordingconnection.com/school-locations/los-angeles/

If we have time , then it shall be that I try my hand and leading a hand to my people on this earth. Live in the thought of love and all will fall in line even happiness.

Art, comic and design by Piotr Dulski

There are only two views of History: one, that everything happens by accident; and two, everything occurs by design. The former view is held by the ignorant, the fool and the liar, the second is held by the wise.

Feb 2016
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