Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere


Þórbeorht is the founder and ealdorblótere (chief priest) of the Ealdríce, an Anglo-Saxon Théodish (heathen) holy guild of the Wínland Rice. He is also the author of "Of Ghosts and Godpoles," "By the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon," "Ald Sahsisk Galdrobok," "Eald Englisc Gealdrabóc," and "In Hallowed Groves." https://ealdrice.org https://haliggyld.org https://spellstow.org
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Throwback Thursday - One of the first pictures of an Ealdríce gathering. Þórbeorht Ealdorblótere naming his first daughter at the Ealdríce's Bældæg faining in 2013. #Ealdrice #Theodish #Heathen #Heathenry #Paganism
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