Home grown vegetables in season.
FullFonts is a one of a kind word processor that is not based on any conventional text encoding. FullFonts allows you to insert your own created shapes, markings, and symbols into a document just as you would any other letter or number on your keyboard. Creating and inserting custom symbols with FullFonts is easier and faster than using font editors, and your created symbols are immediately available in many different fonts and styles. FullFonts is also a keyboard layout editor that allows you to specify which symbol is inserted into a document when a particular keyboard key is pressed. Existing English letters and numbers can be inserted into FullFonts documents as soon as the program is installed. FullFonts can be used to type documents in any of four different writing directions and the writing direction of a document can be changed at any time. Learn more and download the free trial version at
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Sitting still, enjoying the calm. In doing so life comes to you.
Aug 2017
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