Hello valued visitrs! Thank you so much for dropping by! I am a fledgling meal worm supplier! I started this entire journey thinking that it was going to be "fun and easy" only to find out holy cow, its a lot more work than one would ever imagine... I now spend my days doing everything I can to learn about bugs, which ones can benifit us, and which ones could in fact be a profitable method of removing plastics and Styrofoam from our environment. I pledge that once my business makes a profit, I will be planting trees, learning about environmental sustainability, and doing my part to make the environment a better place for animals, humans, and plants alike. Any support is much appreciated! THANKYOU!! -- Would you like to support me in other ways? become a patron!!! Want a great looking t-shirt? go to and use promo code BEETLEJUICE to get 10% off your first order!!!
WELLLLL HOLY COMOLEEEE!!! I DID IT!!!! I GOT TO 2000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! HELL YAH GUYS!!! DIVA CUP GIVEAWAY STARTS NOOOWW!!! HELL YEA!!!! ok so how this will go is: 1: you must be subscribed to my channel 2: you must guess a numer 1 -3,000 3: you must repost and like this post 4: the winner must message me within 24 hours to claim the Diva cup. any later and the runner up will get the prize. i will do a live random generator once enough people join the give away :) i will announce the winner once enough comments are posted with their number guess. WHAT THE WINNER GETS: 1 diva cup (model one) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!
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