The Antitheocrat


The Antitheocrat is a 4rd generation atheist and antitheist with 5th generation atheist children. Having grown up in a country with a mostly cultural christian population without religion it is relatively safe to be atheist, safe enough to ignore it until my children started school. It wasn't as safe for my grandfather and father. I was allowed to learn and choose religion on my own terms but the nature of the world has changed and peer indoctrination starts much younger than it once did. My children have not been given the same freedom to learn on their own, I have had to teach them to reason out theist arguments from an early age. It is because of my children that I became an active member of the atheist community and until quite recently I had not read or heard one word from another atheist. My understanding of atheism and religion is my own built over a lifetime of refuting arguments and claims made by religious people, claims made because being polite and respectful was never a two way street (and something I got over). I am extremely anti-cultism hating the need for humans to believe and how they follow the simplest doctrines, like feminism, just to have a group to belong to. I hated Atheism Plus because it was an attempt to turn atheism in to a cult. I'm also not fond of atheist churches as they foster the theist mind set and do not represent an atheist movement.