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Bane sexual, Kool Aid Kin, footsoldier of Da Patriarchy, and I have nice eyes. I also make videos for Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/bane666au

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McCarthy's List

Patrick R. Quay
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It is all my fault . I am the Patriarchy For cooking,cleaning and sewing tips please subscribe to Mrs Patrick R.Quay @SammichWench

Lately I've been feeling really weird. Like I have no idea wtf is going on in the world, but at the same time that we are on the cusp of something massive. Please join in on the convo about politics, philosophy, religion, culture, art, identity, history, meditation, and the world as we know it- to help me and yourself get a hold on this mess. Watch me unpack my mind while fidgeting and waving my hands around like a madman. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE. TRUE SPEECH IS THE HIGHEST OF ALL VIRTUES. THIS CHANNEL IS A CREATIVE EXPERIMENT IN FREE SPEECH. THE AWARD FOR PARTICIPATION IS RECLAIMING YOUR SENSE OF SELF. Managed by @bismuth This is NOT Critical Condition. I'm squatting on the username and uploading her content. If you are her, hit me up for the password.

What dark thoughts haunt your Fractured Mind.... Pleasure... Pain... Demon or Angel.... Fantasy... Reality? what sides do you not wish others to know but want to let go of and have a place to play.... Send me those thoughts so I shall send them here for all to see... [email protected]

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I'm just trying to add a dash of sanity to the world. No step on snek DqW.four.W.nien.wGxCq let me know if you figure that out ;3 #krinapproved NYTD: https://www.minds.com/SkeptiKitty https://www.minds.com/p/terms

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