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Those who advocate for social justice are the real racists

SuitablyboredJan 18, 2021, 4:49:52 AM

So I have a question for my regular readers: Why is it that, more often than not, the people who claim to be against racism and discrimination end up with the most racist and discriminatory articles and comments? Because I am starting to see a pattern here:

And what’s worse, they don’t even realize how bad they end up looking while writing this garbage, so strap yourselves in bucko‘s because it gets worse far fucken worse:

Holy fucken shit! What did I just read? Whatever the author of this moronic article was smoking while writing this I want some of that! I absolutely refuse to believe that a normal sane person would come to such conclusions and furthermore decide to write an article about it. I don’t understand. How do they come up with this? Why do they try to come up with this? Who allowed this article to be posted? Why are they always trying to destroy these movies with these wackadoodle loony toon style articles? Imagine looking at this alien creature:

And the first thing you think is: “This must be portraying black women as alien breeders.” Imagine the first thing you think about when watching a Predator movie and seeing it for the first time:

“It riffs on images of black men dreadlocked, violent, and superhuman.” I have never met a single person in my entire life that thought Alien or Predators represent black people. And this isn’t the first time this has happened, remember this gem of an article:

Who looks at an orc and is racist enough to think “this reminds me of black people?” 

Aren’t you the one who is the racist in this discussion then? I don’t know if you got the memo but Aliens/Predators/Orc isn’t real, they are fictional creations. If the appearance of these fictional beings triggers you into thinking about a certain race of people, then you need to have a good hard, and long look at yourself in a mirror and not point the finger at the media you are consuming. It is really exhausting you know. Sitting here watching these mouth breathers compare Aliens/Predators/Orc to minorities and then tell other people they are the ones with the problem. It’s just a constant barrage of fucking stupidity from these people. Just go ahead and say you think black people aren’t human and throw in minorities while you at it. What is next? The Staypuft Marshmellow Man from the Ghostbusters’ movie symbolizes white supremacy?

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