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The state of modern voice acting in the West…

SuitablyboredMay 18, 2021, 7:59:48 AM

This is the sad state western dubs are in. I am curious though if the Japanese found a black woman to speak in Japanese. Probably not. Having said that, I have a question? Does any black voice actor give two fucks about the voice of Ramlethal Valentine? This empty gesture literally helped no one and fixed nothing. This virtue-signaling mess is beyond incredibly stupid. No one wants to be the diversity hire. Voice acting isn’t determined by race, but by talent and skill (and some hard work). And isn’t the whole point of being a voice actor, pretending to be something that they are not, does a voice actor need to be a literal doctor to be the voice of a doctor in a show? Because in the history of acting no actor has ever portrayed something they aren’t, ISN’T THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF FUCKING ACTING?!

Ramlethal Valentine isn’t black or any other real-world race. Valentines are artificial humans or magical constructs if you will. In fact, her natural features can be changed as her sister, Elphelt, had her hair and eye color changed by the Universal Will on a whim. An easier explanation would be to view them as part of a fictional race. Kind of like elves in fantasy or aliens in Sci-Fi. Nagoryuki was the first playable character in the Guilty Gear franchise. Using these people’s logic, we need to make sure the voice actors have the same hair color and eye color. Oh, don’t forget body shape and facial features. If we are going to switch actors over one unimportant racial feature like skin color we may as well check off all the other boxes. It’s all virtue signaling. A massive facade to show a bunch of nobodies on the internet just how much of a good person they are.

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