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The insidious cancellation of Scott Cawthon

SuitablyboredJun 18, 2021, 6:05:44 AM

Before I start let me make it abundantly clear for those that claim: “CanCeL cULtUrE iSn’T rEaL”. If it is not real then what do you call actively stalking, attacking, and trying to remove someone from their job position for an extended period of time because of what political party he decided to give money to? In before: “It’S CaLlEd BeInG HeLd aCcOuNtAbLe FoR yOuR ViEwS.” The latest victim of cancel culture is Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy's media franchise. His massive sin for being targeted for cancellation? Being a conservative Christian and making political donations to Republican candidates and PACs in 2020.

I am flabbergasted, flummoxed, absolutely floored, that the dude from Houston, Texas, whose previous works include "The Jesus Kids' Club" and "A Christmas Journey: About the Blessings God Gives", just might be a conservative Christian.

Aren't people allowed to believe what they want to believe and supporting the community by donating to them? Like, why are people acting all surprised? Watching Scott Cawthon get canceled gives you an insight on how this insidious movement works in real-time gives you an idea of how it works. Rumors and or dirt usually originate on social media websites like Twitter or Reddit. And then often boosted by alt accounts. Then smaller media outlets run with articles, shortly afterwards the mainstream media picks up on it, and then the dogpile starts.

And as expected, Scott Cawthon's cancellation brought out all the mentally unstable people on social media. And some of the tweets on the subject (as you would expect) made me roll my eyes in my head so far back that I was able to look back into my past...

Calling everyone Nazis diminishes the victims of the Holocaust and what the Nazis really did. Then of course there were those who claimed him supporting republican candidates put their lives in danger, and that giving financial support to these people that he wants them killed.

OH, SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Your life isn't in danger, no one is trying to kill you. You are living in a first-world country and enjoy all the luxuries and rights that it affords you. Want to feel really threatened? Then move to a middle eastern country, where they throw gay people off rooftops for being gay. And of course, the cancellation crowd with their pitchforks and torches got exactly what they wanted. After being hounded for days on end and having hundreds of articles written about him slandering him and his family, he threw in the towel.

One can safely assume that the abuse and harassment actually got that bad that he is actually concerned for his family's safety. Scott is such a nice guy, he totally doesn't deserve any of this bullshit. Honestly, all he can do at this point is stay silent, don't make any more statements or anything, and just let this drama run its course. It really sucks how those dickbags tried to hurt Scott for his beliefs, fuck you whoever participated in this, fuck you if you think it's a "win".

Cancel Culture allows miserable people to share their own misery and insecurities with others. It’s an excuse for them to bully, silence, and harass their victims, all in the name of “accountability”. There is absolutely no path to redemption for those who become undeserved persona non grata, no forgiveness, and no redemption arch no one can learn from their mistakes or grow. Once these people realize they can’t cancel you (Sorry meant hold you accountable.) and that you don’t give a fuck they go for those who associate with you. So when being held accountable doesn’t work they try to isolate, ostracize and alienate you from everyone else. It is a process of dehumanizing the target, when you remove their ability to earn a living you are guilt-free, as they are no longer human.