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“Single player games are dead” – Electronic Arts –

SuitablyboredMar 4, 2021, 6:52:24 AM

Imagine that, a single-player game with absolutely no-microtransaction has made more than $450 million. So the overused narrative that AAA game development absolutely needs microtransactions to recoup development costs seems to be a blatant lie.

Most modern video games could recoup development costs if executives weren’t paid an obscene salary to be the human equivalent of a glorified office paperweight.

It’s never been about development costs or paying your average employer more, it is about making as much as possible and as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort.

Sucking people dry via loot boxes and microtransactions is always going to be easier and more lucrative and creating a good single-player game; that’s why they’re going to be doing it till the end of time. Or when people stop supporting these predatory business practices. TL;DR: Publishers have always been lying when they say they “need” microtransactions and that good games will make a profit if they’re not just glorified gambling simulators.

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