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CIS white woman protagonist isn’t progressive enough…

SuitablyboredMay 1, 2021, 12:24:30 PM

Can I just state for the record how impressed I am with Kotaku’s consistency for churning out really shitty articles, not to mention just how counterproductive journalism, and specifically gaming journalism has become.

Besides the clickbait title should I address the elephant in the room? You know the fact that Lady Dimitrescu isn’t a protagonist in Resident Evil: Village, and that she is not white but Romanian? Or the fact you can customize female Shepard to be any color? And we haven’t even started on the article itself. Which rather than presenting their own fucken argument and what the content of the article actually is, they tried to mislead people to get them to read said article by making it as clickbait as possible. At the expense of those people, they claim want represented within the article. So I won’t even bother with the rest of the article. Because as well all know, gender and race is more important than letting writers explore their creative abilities on their own. I remember when video games could just be enjoyable no matter sexual preferences or gender. It’s almost like people have to create a problem that does not exist…

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