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Bill Burr: Woke racism and deranged psychopaths…

SuitablyboredMar 16, 2021, 12:11:14 PM

So Bill Burr made fun at the expense of woke feminists during the 2021 Grammy Awards:

And now the cancel mob is outraged at him (as you would expect) but being the loving tolerate movement that cancel culture is they of course sent abuse and threats on social media. But it did not stop there, the good old racist card got pulled out since Bill is white.

The irony was pointed out to these stupid fucken clowns that he is married to a black woman (Nia Renee Hill) for the past 8 years and has two children a boy and a girl.

And as you would expect from the racist woke crowd upon finding this out that he was married to a black woman they pulled out the word Coon to describe his wife Nia Renee.

And when using the word Coon did not garner the reaction they wanted they started the narrative that you can still be a racist while being married to a black woman and having her children. I am not even fucken kidding here, the amount of mental gymnastics and reaching you would need to achieve this level of stupidity is absolutely mind-numbing…

According to the woke cancel mob, “racists marry black people every day.” I can’t imagine saying this kind of shit about other people. It never ceases to amaze me that the people who claim to stand for tolerance are the most intolerant and hateful people out there. I never understood that train of thought. If someone is racist last thing they are going to do is to develop a loving relationship with someone of a race they think so low of and raise their children. I mean, hate Bill Burr if they must, he’s a comedian he’s used to it. But most of those comments attack his skin color or gender, the same thing they hate done to them.

“Owns a minority sex servant” Wow, that’s some racism through low expectations if I have ever seen any. They can’t possibly be in love, she can’t possibly have chosen to marry the guy, no, she must be a slave. These people view interracial marriage the same way that actual white supremacists do. Again, there isn’t much difference between modern-day woke leftists and white supremacists. This is exactly why I hate wokeness. Because you think minorities have no agency. That they are so weak that they cannot stand up for themselves That they can’t hold complicated ideas. Go solve your own insecurities rather than finding new ways of calling others racist.

The “alt-right” isn’t spreading this, my dude, Your tweet calling her a “minority sex slave” is literally right there. Also, Critical Race Theory IS racist. One cannot group people by skin color and then discriminate between them without performing racism. It’s the literal definition of racism. Clearly, Nia Renee has race Stockholm syndrome, internalized racism, and internalized misogyny too. And of course, she going to spout alt-right talking points. The strong independent black woman doesn’t know she’s actually a sex slave with no agency! *Sarcasm*

And as you would expect from someone married to Bill Bur she did not take this bullshit laying down. And called him out on it, and this might be one of the greatest Twitter bitchslaps I have ever witnessed. Tl;dr: So let me get this straight? Bill Burr is “racist”, but these deranged psychopaths aren’t?

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