Bad Bear Bitch
A quick recap aye? It's a channel, created by me, hosted by me, and I'm my first and only fan. So hey, what can go wrong? This description that's what.
I'm an Irish American who is getting sick and tired of the Left-Wing Liberal/Progressive PC culture that has infiltrated every form of academia, entertainment, and other platforms. I'm a Libertarian, a Capitalist, an Individualist, an Anti-SJW, and I support the U.S. Constitution. I believe that everyone should have the right to freedom of speech. CashApp if you like my content:$DrTriW Be sure to follow me on Gab: "If a society is to be free, its government has to be controlled." Ayn Rand
I am Olivia from San Diego. I am working as a checker in the Thom McAn Store company. My strong interest in yoga,
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A Young Autistic Man Who Loves To Party 😎
My name is Rosa working as a Manager in Golden's Distributors company based Casper the USA.I am always I have always been curious about learning and reading new things.
Feb 2017
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