musician,drinker,thinker. Whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn't sink mine #freespeech #atheist #liberal #antiregressiveleft #LeaveEU #fucksafespaces Have no time for language police or the need to say #notall.... I think much is grey e.g.I'm anti religion and pro gay rights until gay activists target religious bakers.Offence is not a currency.

Equities Trader Programmer Indie Game Dev Hobbyist

Posting 50% hard-hitting truth content, 25% truth memes, and 25% shitposts or generally funny memes. What sort of "truth"? Examples: - The pandemic is deliberately exaggerated (and was possibly created) to centralize power as part of a global communist power-grab - Israel did 9/11 - Jewish criminal networks and propagandists are a very serious threat to politics and societies worldwide; acknowledging this is not "antisemitic" - Racism is bad, communism is worse - The victors of war write the history - ...and much more!

Shock Wave News is an independent and alternative media organization dedicated to finding the truth, ending the left-right paradigm and widening the scope of viewpoints represented in media and our daily conversations.

USMC Vet, Digital & Traditional Artist, Buddhist, Anime Lover, Avid Gamer, Egalitarian, Cultural Libertarian. is a website dedicated to archiving the Constitutional Sanctuary movement spreading across our country.

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