Star Warrior Robby

Hey guys. This is Star Warrior Robby (but you can just call me Robby). This cute pixie on the cover art here is my AI partner, MARI. I'm a story writer, artist, and graphic designer.I've always been good at drawing since I was four, and I'm running a small company called Star Nation. Home one of my main series, 'Draco the Dragon'. However, on the side, I also work on stories and artwork based on my hero OC persona. A superhero, inspired by Mega Man, who continuously saves the day (and beautiful girls) from the forces of evil. I watch most animations (anime and cartoons), play video games, and research and hang out on the internet. My favorite colors are blue and silver but combined together, they make my most favorite color, cobalt. Dragons are also my favorite animals because I'm born in the Year of the Dragon. And I love the stars and the nighttime. My goal is to pursue my career in the freelance or indie market and make a living off of my career. Bringing my creations to life and share them all with fans, young and old. While at the same time, doing it all MY way. Even if it means helping those in need, including my friends and those I can trust. But enough about me, time to have some fun; and make more of the fun happen!
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